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Living with Strangers is my first novel. It is the story of a family still haunted by the Second World War and of a sister’s mission to reconnect with her long-lost brother.

Set in England, France and Germany between 1963 and 1978, the story is told through the eyes of Madeleine Feldman, a young woman coming to terms with the loss of her brother Josef, who left home suddenly and mysteriously when she was 13. Madeleine is a strong, sympathetic protagonist, subjected to rejection and indifference at home and at school, whose life becomes a series of poor decisions and errors of judgement.

When Madeleine is sent a package of old letters by Josef’s partner, letters which have been opened and read but not replied to, it acts as a catalyst for the events that follow – a quest to locate her brother. Why did Josef leave? Why didn’t he contact her? And, more importantly, why didn’t he come back…?

Available now as an ebook:  eISBN 97817 830 66858

and paperback: ISBN No: 97817 830 64069


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